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Why Simmons Construction

Since 2004, Simmons Construction has earned a reputation for building strong teams. Whether that means taking the initiative on design-build assignments or being part of an overall team that is led by others, bringing people and companies together to collaborate and successfully accomplish construction projects.

We have matured and grown as a commercial construction company to meet our constantly evolving industry. We embrace innovation and technology practices to meet the complex and demanding marketplace.

Our team is honest, reliable, and fair. We are hardworking and passionate about our work. This dedication and experience over the years has given our clients the confidence to choose Simmons Construction time and again.

About Simmons Construction
About Simmons Construction

Meet the Owners!

Gary and Brian Simmons have been in construction since the early 90’s. Each of the two brothers had completed the Carpentry program at Western Technical College in La Crosse, Wisconsin, then moved into a four-year carpenter apprenticeship for hands-on experience. After completing the carpenter apprenticeship program both moved into superintendent positions within the carpenters union. Gary also worked in the Twin Cities as a Construction Manager where he focused primarily on Healthcare facilities. After many years in construction, in 2004, feeling ready to create a business they could direct and build as they envisioned, Gary and Brian launched Simmons Construction.